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Continuing Education
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On October 10, 2013 Continuing Education criteria was put in place that requires all Licensed Professional Surveyors to have 30 CEUs per licensing renewal.

CLICK HERE for requirements.

                                                                             Frequently Asked Questions:

* Do Continuing Education Providers and/or classes need to be pre-approved by the LARA?

No, the rules do not require pre-approval.

* What type of activities qualify for continuing education hours? Qualifying Professional Development Activities include:
1. Successful completion of a college or university course in the area of surveying, related sciences, or surveying ethics or management;
2. Successful completion of surveying courses or programs in which CEHs are earned;
3. Attending program presentations at related technical or professional meetings;
4. Teaching, instructing, or presenting any of the above-mentioned activities;
5. Authoring papers or articles that appear in nationally circulated journals or trade magazines; and

6. Receiving a patent for a product or process related to surveying.

* How many hours is each activity worth?

Generally, a 50 min to 1 hour presentation will be worth 1 CEH; however there are specifics listed in the administrative rules for many items such as college courses, mentoring programs, and patents.

* What do I need to have for documentation of hours?

(a) The courses or activities completed, the dates when the courses or activities were held and the duration of the courses or activities, the sponsoring organization, the instructor's or speaker's name, and the hours earned.
(b) Verification of attendance at a course or activity, such as completion certificates or other supporting documentation.

* My company sponsors "lunch & learn" events. Can I get credit for those?

Yes, just make sure you have the information listed above.

* My chapter is holding a meeting with a tour of a site or a presentation by a vendor,will those count?

Yes, as long as it meets the definition of a "qualifying activity with a clear purpose and objective that will maintain, improve, or expand the skills and knowledge relevant to the licensee's area of professional practice." Cultural, entertainment & recreational activities are not included.

* Who keeps track of my completed hours?

You need to keep track. Since LARA does not require providers to certify your attendance, it will be up to you to have the documentation in case of an audit of your hours. CLICK HERE for a sample CEU log. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: MSPS will provide you with electronic copies of CEUs from any course attended through us.  They will automatically attach to your profile on our website.   However, we are no longer responsible and will not keep any copy at Central Office so it is recommended that you save the file to your hard drive and print off the documents for your file.

* Can you carry forward hours from one licensing cycle into a new cycle?
The answer is no. The hours for each license renewal must be acquired within a 24 month renewal period starting with the 2015 license cycle.

* Do on-line continuing education courses qualify?
Only if the license has access to an instructor during the course.


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