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Michigan Survey Law Introduction
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Michigan Survey Law Introduction

  This area of our website is dedicated to providing our members information regarding the laws within the State of Michigan pertaining to surveying and land title issues.  The "Law” will be presented and grouped as follows:

    Michigan Legislative and Administrative Law, which contains the Public Acts and their respective Administrative Rules which are listed by the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) as being testable for Part II-B of the Michigan Professional Surveyor licensing exam.  The Public Acts are presented, as amended, directly from the current Michigan Compiled Laws.

Michigan Attorney General Opinions, which contains opinions relevant to several different surveying and land title issues.  These opinions have been grouped by topic for ease of use.  Note that these are opinions of the Attorney General at the date of issue and may have been overturned by subsequent case law or statute.  Prior to utilizing any opinion, they should be verified by performing further research.

 Michigan Common Law, which contains information on how to search case law for a particular topic of interest.  Due to the sheer volume and dynamic nature of case law, it is impractical to provide an all inclusive listing.  This area instead provides information on tools available to the surveyor for conducting legal research.

      In addition to the legal resources stated above, the Michigan Land Title Standards can be accessed at  Developed by the State Bar of Michigan and first published in the 1950s, the Michigan Land Title Standards are a series of statements of law of land titles, as supported by applicable legislative and case law.  Each Standard is a concise statement of a principle of law, accompanied by problems which illustrate the proper application of the principle. Each Standard includes specific references to the statutes and cases which provide the legal authority for the principle addressed.

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